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In 1883 Frank Bryan set up his own company with one horse, one wagon and one shovel. The Bryan company business was excavation. He moved earth one shovel full at a time, for foundations and roadways. His stock in trade was hard work and value.

Historical Events:

  • 1885 – Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument erected
  • 1889 – Montana, North & South Dakota, Washington admitted as States


Frank Bryan continues to work out at McKees Rocks. Many of his first employees were Civil War Veterans and emancipated slaves who moved north to find employment.

Historical Events:

  • 1892 – Ellis Island Opens
  • 1896 – Utah admitted as a State


Pittsburgh continues to prosper during the Industrial Revolution. Frank Bryan continues to work in the excavation business and re-handle bulk materials.

Historical Events:

  • 1903 – First Baseball World Series
  • 1903 – Henry Ford forms Ford Motor Company


In the late 1910s the company moved from horses to mechanized equipment. Before this time, Frank Bryan Inc. boasted 36 teams of morgan horses to excavate and transport materials.

Historical Events:

  • 1912 – Titanic sinks
  • 1914 – World War I begins


In 1927 Frank Bryan passed, leaving his company to his three sons, who carried on his vision for a construction services and supply company.

Historical Events:

  • 1927 – Charles Lindbergh flies the Spirit of St. Louis
  • 1928 – Penicillin was discovered


The ready mixed concrete business began in the 1930s seeing slow but continued growth for the next 50 years.

Historical Events:

  • 1930 – Great Depression begins
  • 1933 – Prohibition repealed


During World War II, Frank Bryan Inc. worked with other companies to strip coal for the war effort.

Historical Events:

  • 1940 – World War II begins
  • 1944 – D-Day


Frank Bryan Inc. begins construction of Point State Park, excavation for the Gateway Garage and completes the excavation for the Bell Telephone Building at the corner of Stanwick Street and the Boulevard of the Allies in Pittsburgh.

Historical Events:

  • 1951 – First nuclear bomb was tested
  • 1954 – Brown vs. Board of Education
  • 1955 – Vietnam War begins


1962 Frank Bryan started the excavation for the Federal Office Building in Downtown Pittsburgh. This was a large job that was 35 feet below street elevation and approaching the water table of the rivers. Frank Bryan Inc. also began PNB Bank in the mid 1960s.

Historical Events:

  • 1963 – John F Kennedy Assassination
  • 1968 – Neil Armstrong lands on the moon


Frank Bryan Inc. continues to grow working on the following projects:

  • Braddock Hospital
  • West Penn Parking Garage
  • Mobay – Bayer Chemical

Historical Events:

  • 1972 – Watergate scandal
  • 1973 – Roe vs. Wade


Through many sleepless nights the third and fourth generation decided to make a monumental expansion by purchasing the South Side concrete plant from Dravo Corporation. In the years to come, Frank Bryan Inc. would become the premier concrete supplier in Pittsburgh by producing a high quality product and providing exceptional service to the Pittsburgh marketplace.


In the mid-1990s Frank Bryan Inc. again took a giant step with the 120 year old family business by purchasing the Dravo Basic Materials Division. This included what is known today as Neville Aggregates Company, Tri-State River Products and Georgetown Sand and Gravel.

Through the continued commitment toward quality and hard work, the Bryan network of companies became a major competitor in the aggregate market.


In 2001 Frank Bryan Inc. purchases Quality Concrete Inc to expand their market in downtown Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. After 13 years of aggregate production and transportation Bryan Marine Division was established after purchasing 3 towboats and embarking in the river transportation business.

Neville Aggregates Company opens an aggregate outpost in Glenwood, PA that is serviced exclusively by rail. The Glenwood Terminal offloads limestone products and bulk road salt. This is the first experience the group has with the rail industry and re-handling.

Bryan Materials Group was established as the masthead for the group of affiliated companies.


Bryan Materials Group extended their material supply reach into the Beaver Valley by purchasing Beaver Concrete and Rock Concrete. The two facilities were merged and operate under Beaver Concrete & Supply.

The Rochester terminal is located on the Ohio River and can accept raw materials via barge, making the facility a perfect fit into the network. All concrete is currently being produced at the Monaca location, located on 8 acres.



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