Sand & Gravel

Tri-State River Products operates a one of a kind, on board processing dredge. Raw material is harvested from specifically permitted areas in the river, then sized, sorted and loaded directly onto barges.

Taking advantage of the abundant natural resources that the river systems provide, makes this operation a key component of the Bryan Materials Group network.

Georgetown Sand and Gravel operates a land-based aggregate facility along the Ohio River in Beaver County. This plant accepts dredged material from on site as well as dredged material from the river. Finished material is inventoried and re-loaded onto barges or sold direct to the marketplace via truck.

Neville Aggregates Company, Neville Island, recently installed a piece of equipment to further beneficiate the gravels. Certain areas in the river have been contaminated with coal and wood. These areas were previously avoided by dredging operations because of the contamination, but with the new system at Neville Aggregates, we can now remove the coal and wood from the products and give the material a final wash before it’s sold to the consumer.

The sand and gravel we produce meets all of the American Concrete Institute’s standards as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s quality requirements for use in both concrete and asphalt. Sand and gravel are also regularly used as a construction aggregate on job sites.

Product List

  • Type A Sand
  • Mason Sand
  • #57 Gravel
  • #67 Gravel
  • #8 Shot Gravel
  • Fill Sand
  • #57 Construction Gravel

Sand & Gravel Size Chart



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