Commercial Concrete

Our concrete plants are PennDOT, NRMCA, City of Pittsburgh and Army Corps of Engineers certified. We can supply a variety of concrete mixtures, composed of the highest quality and meeting some of the most difficult standards in the industry. Concrete mix designs are run regularly at the Research & Development Center to ensure prior mixes are performing properly as well as designing new mixes for a particular job. We also track field performance test results and compile statistical data to ensure the mixes are performing as expected.

Building trade projects require tight specifications to be met on a continual basis. We supply a significant amount of lightweight concrete for slab on metal decking and post tensioned concrete. We use concrete maturity testing for the post tensioned concrete to give the contractor an exact time the concrete has reached the required compressive strength to pull the tendons, in an effort to keep projects ahead of schedule.

Concrete Mix Examples:

  • High Strength Concrete
  • Highway Pavement Concrete
  • High Performance Bridge Deck Concrete
  • Colored/Architectural Concrete
  • Mass Concrete
  • Lightweight Concrete (110-115 lbs/cf)
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete


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