At the Research and Development Center we evaluate new products in the construction industry as well as design and monitor the performance of the products we produce from the variety of companies within our network. The work done at the Research and Development Center has led to many new and innovative products that we now produce on a regular basis.

We also offer services to many of our aggregate and concrete customers. The aggregate laboratory has extensive equipment allowing us to run many of the ASTM specified tests. There are many highly technical jobs we are awarded and the Research and Development Center plays a key role in development of the new concrete mixes as well as working on-site with the contractors to ensure the products perform as promised.

We also engage with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon and Penn State on research project and new material development. Our unique ability to combine scientific study, engineering principals with a practical approach to concrete productions allows us to help facilitate new materials and construction practices. The work we do here is essential to our commitment to leading the industry with high quality products and unmatched performance.



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