Bryan Materials Group Sustainability

Aggregate Divisions

Our aggregate divisions harvest sand and gravel from the reserves present in rivers of our region. Extensive environmental impact studies are conducted prior to beginning operations to insure a benign impact to our aquatic life and habitat.

Benefits of river sand and gravel acquisition include the deepening of the river channels for both commercial and recreation navigation. The reservoir capacity of the rivers is also increased which results in the reduction of tangential flow velocities that cause shoreline erosion. Lower flow rates reduce the impacts of highwater events in many areas. Additionally, our river sand and gravel acquisition equipment is among the most efficient in terms of energy requirements. Our on board processing equipment uses less than a quart of fuel for every ton of material produced. We actually utilize less than 1/20 of the fuel consumed by recreation boaters in our region during a working season. (Details on this calculation can be provided as necessary).



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