Bryan Materials Group Sustainability

Barge Transportation

Since our materials are derived on the river, we utilize barges to transport the sand and gravel to major markets or terminal outlets. Barge transportation of our river sand and gravel utilizes only 10% of the fuel consumed by trucking the material over the same distance. (source: USArmy COE - details can be provided).

It would require more than 270 trucks to move the same amount material contained in a single tow of 12 barges on the river. Our utilization of barge transportation reduces the number of trucks on the local roads, highways and bridges. This reduction in truck transportation reduces green house gas emissions, traffic concerns, motorist inconvenience and highway wear and tear.

River terminals are strategically located to minimize the distance required to haul our materials by truck to final destinations. Our concrete plants, located in downtown Pittsburgh and in Beaver County, service many construction projects in the immediate area, while our river terminal located on Neville Island, utilizes the major highway networks to efficiently reach outlying regions with construction aggregates.



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