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Controlled Density FIll

Controlled Density Fill (CDF) is a low strength concrete that can be used as backfill or sub-base. Properties of this mix design can vary but can included characteristics which allow the material to flow into large trenches or used as pipe encasement.

Additionally, since these materials do not require select raw materials in order to produce high compressive strengths, a wide variety of recycled materials can be used in these types of mixes, including plastics, tire rubber and even styrofoam.

By using CDF as a construction fill material, compaction is not necessary to attain a load bearing density. This is of particular significance when backfilling trenches, eliminating the need to put someone in a trench to compact the conventional subbase materials.

We have developed specific CDF mixes for use in backfilling utility lines. One mix in particular provides good insulation characteristics (R value) for backfilling water lines. This high R value material can reduce or eliminate the potential for the water lines to freeze and crack.

Another CDF mix was developed for Duquesne Light which absorbs heat from high voltage electric lines. This increases the energy carrying capacity of the line, resulting in more efficient electric power and energy transmission.



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