Neville Aggregates

Neville Aggregates Company Inc.


 Neville Island Terminal
 3501 Neville Road
 Pittsburgh, PA 15225

 Glenwood Terminal
 35 Vespucious Street
 Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Neville Aggregates operates one of the largest intermodal aggregate terminals in the tri-state area. Located along the Ohio River on Neville Island, just north of Pittsburgh, the facility is central to the interstate highway system, which offers Neville Aggregate's delivery fleet access to a wide market area.

Materials are delivered to the terminal by barge, the most energy efficient mode of transportation. Some 750,000 tons of material are handled annually from this facility. Reprocessing and cleaning equipment at the terminal allows the company to beneficiate recycled aggregates and to provide specific gradation modifications often needed for conventional materials.

The Glenwood Terminal is a rail-to-truck terminal operating just east of the downtown Pittsburgh market. Receiving raw materials directly from rail cars opens up supply opportunities not typically available in this region.

Under car off-loading equipment allow a minimal number of workers to off-load sixty car unit trains in a typical work day. An efficient material conveyor network allows materials to be stockpiled in various locations at the terminal using a minimal amount of energy. Stockpiles, oriented in a semi-circular geometry keep aggregates clean and provide easy access for trans-loading to other rail cars or to the truck delivery fleet.

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