Phoenix Environmental Division

Phoenix Environmental


3507 Neville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15225

Phoenix Environmental was established to work with state and local environmental agencies in the collection and retention of fresh water mussels. Mussels are housed temporarily in a series of large aquariums and are fed with algae taken from their native habitat.
The algae growth as a food source is promoted using a closed loop nitrogen cycle with begins with fresh water fish which generate the nitrates as a by product. The nitrates are pumped to an algae tank which is provided with artificial sunlight and CO2 to promote algae growth.
The algae is then fed into the mussel habitat tanks as a defined rate and the water from the mussel habitat is then returned to the fresh water fish containment area. Thus completing the natural nitrogen cycle.
The mussels can be held for a many months and even years until they can be released back into their natural habitat or relocated into a new habitat.
The facility is currently idle, but is constantly maintained in a fully operational condition awaiting the next project that requires the facility.



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